Catching Fire (The Hunger Games #2)

Read from November 13 to 15, 2015

Catching Fire (The Hunger Games, #2)Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


What in the world did I just read??? :O This woman deserves an award. I’m not even kidding. She has one of the most brilliant minds I’ve ever seen. Every single thing that shocked me were things I would have never even come up with as an author even after racking my brains like a monkey.

Shocker #1 came in the form of the “Quarter Quell” rules. I heard from a friend that Katniss would end up being a part of another edition of the Hunger Games, but I seriously did not expect the reaping to be from the set of previous victors. I thought she was going to volunteer again. Honestly, how does Suzanne Collins come up with these ideas?

Shocker #2: Her description of the new arena was beautiful in the scariest possible way and yet so brilliant. It was pretty cool that the little mishaps that happened were all tied to the fact that the entire arena was rigged to resemble some sort of clock. One word: Ingenious.

Shocker #3: I thought she was going to die for real, and then of course, the Head Gamesmaker, Plutarch Heavensbee turned out to be a rebel bent on saving her from the clutches of death that the bloody idiotic President Snow threw her into. And what in the world was Haymitch and Finnick doing in the hovercraft? How are all these people in on all the gossip? How did my mind not figure this out before?

Shocker #4: PEETAAAAA u better not be dead! #TeamPeeta

Shocker #5: District 12 does not exist anymore. What.In.The.World. #thatcliffhanger


I need to take a nap and start reading the next book. I cannot wait any longer. Suzanne, you have left me speechless.


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