Delirium (Delirium #1)

Read from October 22 to 25, 2015

Delirium (Delirium, #1)Delirium by Lauren Oliver

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


I had this book on my shelf for like ever and I have no idea why I didn’t pick it up before. It started off pretty well. The concept of love being a disease that needed to be cured, seemed new and different. I immediately had the feeling that the star of the story, Lena, would probably be among those who would not want the “procedure” due to a certain turn of events (like the meeting of some cute dude). Andddd I was right. The moment she had her first evaluation (where the cow thing happened) and she saw the amber coloured eyes of the supposed perpetrator (Alex), I knew it would be this guy that would change her mind and make her not want to have the “procedure” done. That indirect date invite by him though, during Hana and Lena’s visit to the labs. Very smooth. Lol. By page 254, I was pretty happy. I liked the little team that Lena, Alex and Hana made. Hana must have been so proud of Lena’s change. It was exciting to see her joy on discovering poetry for the first time and visiting “The Wilds”. But alas, she had a reality check the next morning when Carol announced that her chosen partner Brian would be making a formal visit. Brian was initially such a douchebag but after telling Lena that he understood what she was going through, I cut him some slack. The first thing that shocked me was the fact that Lena’s mother was alive. Ok, tbh I had the feeling that she might be, but I didn’t expect her to have been stuck in the Crypts for the last twelve years. Thank God she escaped. Shock #2 was the worst. I did not want this story to turn in to some star-crossed Shakespearean tragedy. Unfortunately, Alex decided to go all Romeo on us and sacrifice himself for Lena’s sake. All I could do was scream “Noooooooo”. That part was total and utter BS. But then again, I’m pretty sure he’s alive. Probably rotting in the Crypts for eternity or awaiting execution (Here’s hoping he hasn’t been executed — yet). The big question that’s in my mind right now is “Who tipped the regulators off about Lena and Alex?”. I initially suspected Hana. I mean, she’s pretty much the only person who knew. Then again, it could be Brian. He did tell her that he knew exactly how she felt and had gone through this prior to his procedure. I wonder if the Invalids will help Lena find her mother and probably find out if Alex is alive so they can bust his ass out of the Crypts. I’m so excited to read Pandemonium. Thank God I don’t have to wait too long to get my hands on it (the perks of reading a trilogy so late). So overall, I really liked this book except for the way it ended of course. I’m hopeful that Lauren Oliver will bring Alex back.


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