Read from September 03 to October 02, 2016

FangirlFangirl by Rainbow Rowell

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I had a love-hate relationship with this book. The first half bored me to death. I kept going though, desperate for a sliver of awesomeness to shine through. I didn’t want to give up on the person who wrote “Eleanor and Park”. Things picked up later on, thank goodness. It ended up being somewhat cute. I hated the little bits of Simon Snow and Baz that kept popping up at the end of every single chapter. I didn’t really see the point. I also skipped a lot of Cath’s “Carry On” narratives because I just didn’t want to have to keep up with two contrasting stories simultaneously in the same book. Overall, this book was okay. Definitely not RR’s best work.

Characters I found annoying: Cather & Wren
Character I loved: Reagan


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