The Undomestic Goddess

Read from October 27 to 30, 2015

The Undomestic GoddessThe Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Another great Sophie Kinsella novel. Nothing can beat “Can You Keep A Secret”, of course. This book was hilarious. I literally had to stop myself from guffawing like a cow, while at a hospital and my family would see me trying and failing pretty badly at stifling giggles, at home. The contract of agreement that Eddie personally “drew” up for Samantha was the most hilarious thing EVER.
“…Samantha Sweeting (to be known hereafter as the PLAINTIFF)….Insofar, notwithstanding the presence of culinary services in the manner which shall be deemed, prima facie, to include yet not exclude light snacks and beverages…. Pursuant to the aforetaining, ipso facto, all parties will retain the aforementioned rights beyond reasonable doubt.”
Absolute gibberish. I don’t think Eddie realized that those sentences sound preposterous to even regular people who have no knowledge about legal terms. I don’t think Sam could have asked for better employers though. Trish and Eddie Geiger made a quirky, bickering and insanely silly couple (which is why I loved the role they played in the story). Iris, Freya, Melissa and Eamonn had small parts but were still very memorable characters. It was pretty awesome when they threw her a surprise party (even though it wasn’t her birthday). I have absolutely nothing to say about Sam’s mother and brother, except that no one deserves a stiffened up family like that. Guy was a pain in the a**. He sounded more like a frenemy than an actual friend. Although I do get his concern over her wanting to decline the Carter Spinks offer, it was still very rude of him to have made Nat feel unworthy of Sam. Nathaniel was obvioisly swoon-worthy. He was funny, kind and probably would have done anything to make her happy. I’m so glad she saw the light and ran back to him in the end. Overall, I loved it so much that I’m going to go pick up another Sophie Kinsella novel.


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