Melody’s Key

Melody's KeyMelody’s Key by Dallas Coryell

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

I really dislike writing bad reviews. This book (fortunately) will not be getting one πŸ˜‰


The Characters:

The story focuses on two people – Tegan Lockwood a.k.a. Freckles, and Mason Keane a.k.a. Big Muffin (I seriously died laughing when they came up with these nicknames)

I really liked Tegan. She was such a relatable character and so easy to connect with. I loved that she wasn’t perfect.

Mason is introduced as “a hard partier, big spender and known womanizer” (Damon Salvatore, is that you?)


— and then when he suddenly came out of nowhere to save the day (during Simon and Cale’s brawl), I began rooting for him!


I also liked that he loved Tegan’s thick eyebrows (ha ha! Finally someone who understands me!).

Tegan + Mason: I love them together!

The Songs:

There were around five songs (I think) scattered throughout the book and they were all really nice. How do I know this? Because I listened to every single one of them whenever they popped up in the book. My favorite was “Don’t Say Goodbye”, which the author sang with so much feeling that I was able to picture the whole scene in my head — the bonfire, the band, and everyone dancing. It was just so magical! Why isn’t there a movie out yet? I have to see this thing come to life!


What I Loved:

1. Everything was described so beautifully! I love the way the author writes. I was able to picture everything in my head and that’s something that happens very rarely.

2. The songs — It was so cool to be able to actually listen to the songs while reading about them. You guys need to go check his YouTube channel out!…

3. The letters ❀

4. The book kept things real by showing us that the music industry is flawed — “They had taken a sensitive, caring and talented musician and reduced him down to a sad, clichΓ©d misogynistic wasteland. The part that frustrated her the most was that this actually sold records and concert tickets. Was this the extent of what people wanted?” (It’s sad that we ignore good music and glorify auto-tuned crap these days)

5. The references that took me back to my childhood — Jumanji, Star Wars, The Sound of Music, and Pachelbel’s Canon in D ❀
“Considering her bedraggled look, it was equally plausible that she had just emerged from 20 years trapped in a game of Jumanji.”

6. Noah– so funny! His jokes made me snort a couple of times. I also loved Tegan’s dad and his super awesome pearls of wisdom!

7. Just when I thought it was going to be a fun read, things got emotional. I’m talking about Cale and Tegan’s backstory. I did not see that coming! I could feel her grief through the pages!

8. Thank you Dallas Coryell for introducing me to CHVRCHES

The Issues:

1. I really wanted to know more about Simon. When Tegan asked him for the name of the person who broke his heart, he refused to tell her. I really had this feeling that he did so because he might be someone known to her.

2. The box! I thought the letters were going to end up revealing some sort of epic secret :/

Random thoughts:

Page 28: The author is officially Mason in my head. The description fits perfectly πŸ˜€

Page 144: I strongly feel that Mason has the key she lost!

Page 152: Tegan Melody Lockwood –> Tegan has a key –> Melody’s Key? –> Ahhh that makes sense! (Ignore my stupidity, lol)

Page 263: The conversation between Tegan’s father and Mason: That little pearl of wisdom was on point! So beautifully written!

Page 281: Mason’s fiancΓ©…FIANCΓ‰??? WTH. Someone hold me back before I squeeze the life out of Madison.


Overall Impression:

I loved reading this! It made me smile like an idiot and turned me into a pile of mush (ha ha!).



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