The Anatomy of Cheating

The Anatomy of Cheating

Read from June 14 to June 19, 2017

The Anatomy of Cheating by Nesly Clerge

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Chelsea Hall is certain her husband is cheating. Again. How far will a wife go when her adulterous husband pushes her to the edge? Some stop at the cliff’s edge. Others leap into the abyss. Garrett Hall wants what and who he wants. His detachment from their relationship leads Chelsea to seek what she needs elsewhere, and onto a path that leads to bliss. What begins as a dream-come-true soon becomes a nightmare when the line between who is innocent and who is guilty soon blurs. Until the horrifying truth becomes clear. And, the question becomes, Who will survive?

I received a copy of this book from the publishers in exchange for an honest review

— Okay, so I really like the cover because it got me excited to read the book. I couldn’t put this one down! It was really interesting and I’m so glad I was asked to review it. Thank you, Shayla!

The Issues :
1. I felt like there were times when there was just too much going on.
2. Luke seemed like such a level-headed guy, and although I know emotions can make people do insane things, I didn’t really feel like he would be the type to go ahead and kill someone because his heart took over his mind for a second.
3. I got to see what happened to Chelsea after the four year time leap. Unfortunately, there was nothing about what happened to Luke. I really wanted to know.
4. How did Garrett just die and turn into some saint?

The Good Stuff:
1. Loved the writing! The author’s got a way with words.
2. The story highlighted how cheating can affect not only the people involved but so many others as well. As someone who absolutely despises infidelity, I liked that there’s a lesson that every reader can take away from this book (i.e. do not cheat no matter what you’re going through).
3. I really liked the supporting characters. I think it was nice to be able to read a bit about them and how they were affected by the ‘infidelity drama’.
4. It was nice to see everyone’s true colors come out as the story progressed. No one’s perfect and this book kept things realistic by perfectly showing just that.

Random Thoughts:
1. I wish Richard didn’t have to die. That was just so sad. I had no problem with Garrett going away though. He was a terrible person. He didn’t have to make Chelsea feel so worthless.


2. Someone needs to hunt Penelope down and make her pay for all the trouble she caused.
3. Tim is just the best! I feel sorry for the kid. He didn’t deserve to go through so much crap.
4. Luke was totally Luke Cage for me. I couldn’t picture him as anyone else, haha.

Overall impression: I really liked this book! There’s quite a lot to read but it’s totally worth the time. The story is great and the characters are really interesting! This is something that people in a relationship should definitely pick up!


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